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Procialize introduces in-app food ordering within it’s Event App

Delight your event attendees by going truly digital. A first of it’s kind in event apps.

Enterprises can be demanding. There is always a need to differentiate our offering from the competitors. No two editions of one conference should have the same set of features. 

The team at Procialize is constantly studying events. We see where bottlenecks arise during events, and we aim to eliminate the same. Be it QR based badge printing, or instant badge printing, Procialize has pioneered cutting edge tech, into the event industry.

Which is why we are excited to announce our latest product offering – In-app food ordering

Why the need?

The usual delay in conferences starts from the registration session itself, where guests have queued up for tea and snacks. This gets amplified during the tea break session, lunch, and the post lunch tea sessions.

Besides this, sometimes, the venue runs out of food/beverage items, thereby lowering participants expectations. 

To solve this, Procialize created an easy to add and use F&B ordering module.

Order get collected in the admin panel, where the executives can process and execute the order.

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