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Why an Engagement Platform for your company?

As a company grows, so does it’s operation challenges. With multiple regions and functions, companies start struggling with retaining it’s values, culture and mission. For us, a company is a living entity having it’s own philosophy, ethos and story. Our platform ensures the same is retained.

The DHL As One App has over a 90% active user base. This app has made it easy for our brand message to be communicated through the organization.

- Mr. Sunjoy Dhaawan, VP (HR)
DHL Express (India) Private Limited

Bayer’s internal sales force is able to 
exchange best practices, and communicate Pan India thanks to the Fames Bond App made by Procialize”

- Mr. Rajiv Raval

Bayer Cropscience Limited

The heart of this platform is engagement. Our platform can be used for both employees as well as channel partners in ensuring the organizational goals are met successfully. It ensures retention, omni channel communication, feedback gathering and analysis.

Benefits of an Employee Platform

Reduce the dependency and the one-sidedness of email

De-clutter email 

Share best practices through the organization

Create Awareness

Let employees exhibit their creative side

Discover talent within employees

Let new joinees understand organization ethos

Hand hold new talent

Provide a medium through which employees are acknowledged for their service

Encourage employee recognition


The Engagement Platform  for Employees and other  Stakeholders


Used by all stakeholders in the organization, as well as admin, to post updates, images and videos. Admin can schedule or send notifications to groups or all stakeholders.

Company Feed + Notification : 

Improve communication within smaller teams. Allow groups to be created to push information, provide feedback and participate in training modules

Create Groups :

Create Quiz, add Selfie and Video contests. Run company wide or function specific polls on issues

Gamification :

Get in Touch

Add important documents as a ready reckoner for the employees

Documents ready reckoner :

Choose any division, function, location for creating customized surveys. Receive confidential responses with proper reporting

Surveys : 

List of all the employees within the company, with designation, functionality and location. Provision for 1-1 messaging

Stakeholder List : 

Create training resources for smaller teams or entire organisation. Allow media, polls, quiz and feedback

Providing Training :

Rank participants based on annual goals or product usage

Leaderboard :

Use any of the leading market rewards tool to redeem among stakeholder

Redeem Rewards :

Post questions to HR or any department for queries to be addressed to

Ask HR / CEO : 

Use Cases

Employee Engagement - DHL As One App

3000 employees on 
app since 2016

HR runs all engagement 
campaigns through 
the app

Used by employees to 
highlight activities 
and achievements of 
distribution centers

All company policies 
available on the app

This app has helped streamline communication, and capture feedback from employees.

- Mr. Sunjoy Dhaawan, VP (HR)

DHL Express (India) Private Limited

My team finds the admin panel easy to use, and the features have lot of engagement among employees.

- Mr. Saurabh Dalvi, Head of Talent

Management, DHL Express (India) Private Limited

Sales Motivation - Bayer Fames Bond App

Created for 300 sales
employees for one 
product vertical

Sales force uploads sales
campaigns and activities, 
and queries via the app

Used for highlighting 
sales activities across 

Sales executive can 
redeem rewards 
based on performance

Employee leaderboard 
basedon region and 
performance provides 


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