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Make employees love your brand!


The Engagement Platform  for Employees and other  Stakeholders

Employee Engagement App

Why an Engagement Platform for your company?

As a company grows, so does it’s operation challenges. With multiple regions and functions, companies start struggling with retaining it’s values, culture and mission. For us, a company is a living entity having it’s own philosophy, ethos and story. Our platform ensures the same is retained.

The DHL As One App has over a 90% active user base. This app has made it easy for our brand message to be communicated through the organization.

- Mr. Sunjoy Dhaawan, VP (HR)
DHL Express (India) Private Limited

DHL As One App

Bayer’s internal sales force is able to 
exchange best practices, and communicate Pan India thanks to the Fames Bond App made by Procialize”

- Mr. Rajiv Raval

Bayer Cropscience Limited

Bayer Fames Bond App

The heart of this platform is engagement. Our platform can be used for both employees as well as channel partners in ensuring the organizational goals are met successfully. It ensures retention, omni channel communication, feedback gathering and analysis.

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