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Procialize creates the Times Women's Drive App!

Procialize has created the Times Women's Drive 2019 App on iOS and Android

The Times Women’s Drive is celebrating it’s 10th edition this year. This Drive is India’s premier Women only car rally that involves over 1500 participants who are part of 500 teams, from 4 cities.


Procialize’s platform was ideal to execute an event for qualified drivers. The key challenges here were

Providing an app well in time so that the execution of the event was flawless

Ensuring data on the app is available even offline, since the drivers will constantly be on the move and data connectivity could be a challenge.

Creating a seamless check-in experience for various dates.


Procialize rose to the challenge by providing an iOS, Android app on the existing event app platform. The app was created in a record 6 days, and pushed on the stores.

Drivers logged in using their mobile number, and received an OTP. They were then asked to upload an interesting profile picture. Once done, they got access to the News Feed, where they were greeted to images and motivational posts uploaded by fellow drivers, as well as important announcements from the organising team.

They also could view the itinerary which was tailor made based on which city the participant belonged to. 

Besides this a FAQ checklist was also accessible to the participants, where they could easily view the commonly asked questions. 

The unique feature that we built for Times Women's Drive was the Ask TWD feature, where participants could ask questions to the organising team, and based on if the question was important - Times team could enable for all others to view.

The push notifications on the app were also enabled to allow Times team to either broadcast notifications, or send it to individual participants, teams, or all participants form a particular city.

On the day of the Briefing Date, the organising team found it extremely easy to hand over registration kits. All participants had to do was to show the QR code on the app, and the volunteers used the same app to scan those QR codes, and automatically inform the other 2 participants of the team that the kit had been collected by their team name. This ensured a smooth check in process without long queues. 

The app has an info section where common documents to all the participants was made available. Besides this, a Results section was also available, where individual team results were made visible only to the participants of a particular team. 

Overall more than 90% of the participants download the app and uploaded over 3000 photos and updates. 

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