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Performance tracking and gratification of Vivo’s VIP dealers

VIVO VIP Club app by Procialize


One of India’s top smartphone sellers, Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd., garners heavy business from the large state of Rajasthan through its many dealers present there. To track performances and offer relevant rewards to these Vivo VIP dealers individually would become a lengthy and complicated affair.


Procialize created a white label engagement app for Vivo Rajasthan on which certain assigned ‘sub admins’ track dealer performances of their designated area. The dealers can view their performance and directly avail the services that they are eligible for. A dealer is placed in one of the four categories on the app, according to their performance. Dealers in the higher categories get more benefits. As they can view their standing on the app, they can work harder and improve their rank to receive more services from the company. The services include dealer’s birthday celebration, dealer’s family member’s birthday celebration, anniversary celebrations, spa & beauty care, fitness club, movie tickets, dinner, staycation, international trips, etc. The dealer gets to customise the celebration, like picking the venue, date and number of people to bring along. Once the customisation request is approved by the company, the dealer can avail the service from the app.

The app notifies users about their upcoming birthday or anniversary services and has a live chat facility to get their queries answered. To keep them engaged, the app also conducts activities like live polls and quizzes.

VIVO VIP Club app by Procialize


98% app usage

90% participation in live polls and quizzes

90% participation in selfie and video contests

15+ user posts everyday

Used by almost all Vivo VIP Dealers of Rajasthan

Client Speak

The app gives us a clear picture of how our dealers are performing, and on the other hand, it motivates them to do better.

- Mr. Aleem Lodi

(Vivo VIP Club)

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