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Dealer Engagement - Vivo Royal Club 

Vivo has a distributed supply chain in India, where optimum emphasis is given to dealer relationship and satisfaction. With a view to retain and rewards its dealers - the Mumbai team at Vivo decided to onboard all dealers onto one platform - The Vivo Royal Club.


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Centralised communication and feedback capturing mechanism

With over 330 partners spread across Mumbai, Vivo team uses the app to communicate updates, greet dealers on birthdays and anniversaries, and capture feedback through surveys and polls


Savings in manpower costs

No separate team is required to send out communication via HTML emails, SMS or even snail mail. Communication can be automated using our Huddle Engine


Information at fingertips

Access to all dealer specific events, offers etc are available to the dealers via the app - thereby saving tremendous time and effort


Increased camaraderie among partners

As partners can communicate regularly to one another, and participate in gamified initiatives like quiz, polls, selfie contests etc.

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