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Helping Businesses Organize Events That Everyone Loves

The Event App by Procialize


Conferences, exhibitions and outbound trips are an integral part of many blue-chip corporates, financial institutions and mostly all large-scale businesses. Companies invest time, money and effort in organizing these events; but without providing “value” to all the stakeholders, the event can be a hit-or-miss. Organizers often struggle with questions like – How to make the sessions more interactive and interesting? How to assure the exhibitor that they will reach the right customers with my event? How to ensure that the audience’s queries are addressed? How to maintain a clear communication throughout the event (about agenda, timings, speakers etc.) to eliminate any confusion? How to have enough space for networking?


To answer these questions and more, Procialize created The Event App. It is a resourceful digital tool that enhances the life of your event and ensures that attendees, sponsors, exhibitors gain maximum value, resulting in more business for you. The Event App can carry all the details about the event – date, venue, agenda, info about speakers/exhibitors. Tickets can also be sent to the attendees so they don’t have to carry a hard copy. During a conference, attendees can participate in live polls and pose questions to the speakers on the app. They can also give feedback to the speakers. The Event App facilitates networking by allowing users to message each other on the app. They can also post photos & videos from the event and participate in fun contests conducted by the organizer.

During exhibitions, exhibitors can market their products in the app by uploading product photos and brochures/catalogues, which visitors can view and download directly on their phones. Exhibitors can see who interacted with their profile and set up a meeting directly with whoever is interested.

After the event, the app gives a detailed statistical analysis of profile visits, material downloads, posts by users, contest participants, etc. This data is powerful enough show the actual impact of the event. It can be used by the organizer to get more sponsors for the next event.

Also, the increasing demand of virtual events is also catered by The Event App. The app has Zoom and YouTube integration so companies can conduct online conferences or stream the event live.

The Event App


200+ apps built

7 out of 10 clients revisit us for single or multi-pro apps

95% app usage

85% participation in live polls and quizzes

500+ posts by app users per event

Client Speak

The insights and functions available on The Event App make our events better and better every time. You can now actually measure the quality of an event...and that is a great asset!

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