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When ‘planning’ and ‘celebration’ tie the knot

The Wedding App by Procialize


Most Indian weddings comprise of a lot of guests as well as functions. Many weddings last for around a week. Guests come from different cities, states and even countries. Functions are held at multiple venues. Without efficient planning and active coordination, the host is bound to get overwhelmed with the preparations and miss out on the actual celebrations.


The Wedding App was built by Procialize to ensure that everyone – guests, hosts and the bride & groom, stays busy doing just one thing – savouring the occasion wholeheartedly. Right from sending out invites to sharing memories in the form of photos and videos, The Wedding App takes care of it all. It acts as a single platform for the host to communicate with all the guests together, or individually. Clear communication helps ensure better arrangements for commute, accommodation, food, etc. The guests can communicate with each other and devise plans of travel and stay that suit them. Guests RSVP their invites on the app itself so the host gets clarity of expected people. Everyone can also be informed about any itinerary changes with a single notification. So as the app helps send updates, the host doesn’t have to run around informing everyone about minor changes in plans.

The Wedding App by Procialize


Wedding planners, hosts and guests find the diverse features and simple interface useful

Around 90% guests download and use the app

98% RSVP the event before coming to the wedding, giving a clear picture of expected guests in each function

500+ photo and video posts by guests and the host

Client Speak

The jitters of planning our perfect wedding faded once we created our own Wedding App.

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