Procialize's single event apps have been used in hundreds of conferences.
These white labeled apps help build your brand, capture invaluable leads, allow for 2 way communication and can be used repeatedly.


De-Clutter Email

Have all conference related info pass out over push notifications on the app rather than repeated emailers.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Allow for your brand to appear on individual devices–before, during and even after the event.

Capture Accurate Feedback

2 way communication ensures your attendees can be heard, and catered to better.

Increase Event Life

Prolong the life of your event at a minimal cost, by sending post event info, images & videos, survey results

Go-Green and Save Money

Downloadable brochures, info on who visited which page – allows for intelligent analytics.


Push Notifications

Send announcements and updates instantly through in-app push notifications and auto-emails.

Agenda & Schedule

Access event agenda any-time, anywhere. Personalize it by creating your own preferred schedule!

Meetings & Messages

Unicast or broadcast messages to attendees based on one or several criteria & set up meetings.


Receive session-wise feedback from attendees so as to plan better future events.

Live Polling & Surveys

Integrate lightening-fast polls & surveys into events & engage the audience like never before.

Attendee Listing & Info

Through the newsfeed, attendees can post, comment and upload images thus creating a conversation.

Case Studies

           The app is great for connecting with colleagues before the event. It is indeed meant to enhance overall conference experience


    Chief Marketing Officer
    Reliance Mutual Fund

    This app made us capture our conference attendance very easily irrespective of multiple parallel sessions.


    Managing Director

                    KW Conferences      

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