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Augmented experience, real value

Siemens Ingenuity ToAR App


One of the world’s biggest producers of technology infrastructure, Siemens, needed a simple and engaging way to showcase some of its products. These products were constituents of a truck; so physically demonstrating every product to every customer in a short span of time would be impossible.


Procialize created Ingenuity ToAR App. It is an Augmented Reality (AR) sales app that takes customers directly inside the truck, virtually. The Siemens products are up for display in the truck. The customer can view details of the products and once they shortlist a product, elaborate product specifications are mailed to them. A person can even click a photo of the truck and send it to others. The receiver just needs to download the app and scan the picture to get his own virtual tour.

Siemens Ingenuity ToAR App


90% customers who deal in truck related products use this app

‘Share and scan’ function has helped reach more prospective clients

Easy to use and interactive features have led to increased app usage

Client Speak

“The virtual tour helps give customers a real sense of the products.”

- Mr. Rajesh Nair, Integrated Communication Specialist and Business Partner - Communication

Siemens Ltd.

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