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Introducing in-app event registration forms

Say goodbye to confusion in data collection, save at least 50% in resource costs. 

MICE trip organisers (corporate and agencies) get sleepless nights in gathering accurate traveler information.  The problem is that with the inflow and exodus of employees, dealers, or agents; companies find it difficult to maintain accurate data. As a result companies internally or through agencies expect data to be made up to date by calls, emails and a lot of cajoling.

Procialize now has killed this problem completely by offering in-app event registration forms. This means it is now possible for the traveler to fill his/her details directly rather than submitting information to numerous levels to let it reach the end recipients. 

This helps in getting much more accurate data, reduction in required manpower needed in collecting the info, and reduces bottlenecks in proceeding further in booking tickets.

Fields Possible to be collected (sample. You can add more fields if needed)

The following fields can be added onto the form

Qualifier Details

  1. Name

  2. Employee Code

  3. Branch Name

  4. Region

  5. Gender

  6. Uploading of Photo ID

Passport Details

  1. Name as per passport

  2. Passport Number

  3. Passport expiry date with validation condition (6 months or 3 months validity check)

  4. Date of birth (with age validity check)

  5. Passport copy front image upload

  6. Passport copy back image upload

Personal Details

  1. Meal preferences

  2. Seat preferences

  3. Insurance Nominee Name

  4. Insurance Nominee Mobile Number

  5. Relationship with nominee

Case Studies

1. Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance ACC 2018 app

This app has been created for Edelweiss Tokio’s dealer trips. Edelweiss Tokio had planned a rewards trip and opted for an app with a registration form. Over 387 qualifiers submitted their details on the app. 

Admin had the option of downloading

1. Entire Excel file containing 

a. Name of traveler, age (using date picker), Passport details (with proper validity of date and issue and expiry)

b. Companion details – Option to choose additional travelers, 

c. Nominee details – In case the qualifier him/herself is not planning to travel, then option of nominating someone else also exists

d. Travel insurance Nominee details – Getting data for travel insurance was also made simple, by allowing qualifier to fill nominee details and add date of birth etc.

2. Downloading Passport Scanned copies – These were uploaded either from the gallery of the smartphone being used by qualifier, or the qualifier took a photograph using his/her smartphone

2. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Conventions App

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance created a multi-event application where 5 groups of insurance agents traveled to various locations within India and Internationally. For each of these groups, the registration form was different. Domestic groups didn’t require passport details.

Over 1500 travelers over 5 groups filled the necessary information.

Savings in time, of over 3 employees over a period of 2 months was achieved.

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