Year Long Engagement! Yes, making employees or other stakeholders download apps is an expensive and challenging affair. If your organization
has yearlong events, it becomes very very impractical to kee p creating new apps for each event.


Separate Admin Panels

Allow multiple divisions of company to access one event app product through secure and safe access to admin panel

Employee Level List

Employees who are not marked as attendees in a particular event, cannot view the event on their app.

Archive Previous Events

Allow for previous events to be saved for later viewing. Event listing shows current, upcoming and previous events.

Disable Events

Not sure about showing a particular event, simply disable it.

De-Clutter Email

Have all conference related info pass out over push notifications on the app rather than repeated emailers.


Individual Event - Admin Panel

Send announcements and updates instantly through in-app push notifications and auto-emails.

Agenda & Schedule

Access event agenda any-time, anywhere. Personalize it by creating your own preferred schedule!

Switch Events anytimett

Unicast or broadcast messages to attendees based on one or several criteria & set up meetings.

Pay as-you-go Plans

No upfront investment needed. Pay per month (unlimited events) or pay per event.

Live Polling & Surveys

Integrate lightening-fast polls & surveys into events & engage the audience like never before.

Attendee Listing & Info

Through the newsfeed, attendees can post, comment and upload images thus creating a conversation.


        This multi-event App has made it easier for the
    attendees to keep track of all the different events
    happening within the organization


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