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Plans and Pricing

Select hosting

Cloud based :

Huddle Servers

Cloud based :

Client owned servers

On-premise :

Client based server

Pricing (for setup) in INR- One time


News Feed :

Admin/Employees can post or schedule updates, photos, videos; as well as like, comment and share on social media

Notification :

Send or schedule notifications from app or admin panel, to all users, individual users or groups

Ask HR :

Query resolution mechaism with ticketing

Media Gallery :

Upload previous events photos;videos etc. organised as per folders and provision for employee to save and share the same

Survey/Feedback :

Use 3rd party survey tools or in built survey module to capture feedback from employees

Gamification - Selfie Contest :

Create engaging campaigns where employees can upload images based on themes decided by you. Images can be upvoted by liking, and get displayed in decreasing order of likes, thereby gratifying employyes.

Corporate Communication :

Upload or add periodic communication being circulated throughout the organisation

Dashboard (Analytics) :

Detailed information on app usage, employee sentiment , information access etc sorted as per date and time

Employee List :

Entire employee listing available with provision to send 1-1 messages, as well as search using name, designatioin, location etc.

Quiz :

Allow multiple quiz to be created and allocated to individuals, groups or all employees. Quiz can be multiple choice or text box based. Provide instant results as well as leaderboard

Live Poll :

Run unlimited polls capturing employee sentiment and learning from their feedback. Results can be shown instantly or can be displayed at a later date

Gamification - Video Contest :

Create engaging campaigns where employees can upload videos based on themes decided by you. Videos can be upvoted by liking, and get displayed in decreasing order of likes, thereby gratifying emploees.

Birthday/Anniversary Template :

Post automated birthday wishes / work anniversaries using exciting templates on the company feed

Leaderboard :

Leaderboard to track active users, high performers

App Management :

Perform all crucial functions such as adding users, content, etc from devices itself

Training Module :

In a first of it's kind - we allow you to create training modules by adding topic, summary, images, videos, PDF's etc in any sequence as desired, and then test the knowledge of the employees by including polls & quiz. On completion of quiz, we also provide total points earned, and gratify employees by auto generating certificates. Altenatively, you can also insert link of pre-existing training modules, that will open as a browser within the app

Basic Plan




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