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Making Life Easier For People At HDFC Life

HDFC Life App by Procialize


One of India’s leading insurance solutions providers, HDFC Life, hosts several R&R (Rewards & Recognition) events throughout the year for its agents. Sometimes there are multiple events happening at the same time. Conveying the details of each of these events to the 421 branches and hundreds of employees can be a mammoth task without a unified, streamlined system. Moreover, why should the attendees scout e-mails and circulars instead of enjoying the event?


A “multi-event app” was constructed. Every detail about every HDFC Life R&R event is available on this app. Info about each event, location, agenda, hotel, itinerary, climate of the city, etc. can be viewed anytime in a few taps on the attendee’s mobile. Users get invited to the events they are eligible for and then they can access the information for these events.

Prior to an event, attendees get their tickets right on the app so they don’t need to carry a hard copy. During the event, they can participate in live polls and quizzes on the app. After the event, the information about the city and climate helps them plan for recreational activities.

The app also helps the attendees interact with each other by asking questions, posting pictures and taking part in activities like selfie and video contests.

HDFC Life Events App


80% app usage

90% participation in selfie and video contests

500+ posts by users per event

Client Speak

R&R multi-event app has helped us improve event coordination and ensure more participation from the attendees.

- Deepa Vaity | Senior Manager - Events 

Marketing | HDFC Life

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