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Connecting A Company That Connects The World

DHL As One App


DHL is a logistics giant present in more than 220 countries and territories. Just as it connects people and businesses beyond geographical boundaries, DHL wanted a place that could transcend hierarchy and departmental limits to connect all of its employees.


Procialize created DHL As One, an employee engagement app, where everyone; right from the delivery executive to the CEO, share an equal space. It is a platform that lets users voice their opinions, ask questions and attend training virtually with colleagues sitting hundreds of kilometres away. Not just work, the app also facilitates socializing. Employees can participate in various contests where they get to upload photos & videos and spread the cheer throughout the company.

For the employers, the app acts as a single communication platform to reach a large number of employees easily and swiftly. The HR can make instant announcements and even schedule notifications in advance. Analytics and app usage insights help employers better understand their employees.

With DHL As One, Procialize successfully delivered a very special package – inclusiveness.

DHL as one app by Procialize


3000+ registered users

10,000+ posts by users

1000+ users have participated in contests

Exceptionally high (97%) app usage achieved by a simple interface and diverse functions

Client Speak

This app has helped streamline communication, and capture feedback from employees.

- Mr. Sunjoy Dhaawan, VP (HR)

DHL Express (India) Private Limited

My team finds the admin panel easy to use, and the features have lot of engagement among employees.

- Mr. Saurabh Dalvi, Head of Talent

Management, DHL Express (India) Private Limited

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