Procialize also undertakes customized App + Web development from select clients, based on the complexity of work involved.

We are able to work on the following technologies

Android Studio / Eclipse




Front End Development


Tenth Planet Group

Scope of Work - Develop Website + Apps Tenth Planet Group is an event company that required a business website to be created. Once done, we had to create an app for it's users who frequently travel on offsites, rewards and recognition trips etc.

Work involved was creating an iOS and Android App + Web responsive app that allowed

  • Creating a 'Countries I have travelled' and 'Wish to Travel' map module
  • Packages and Deals page, where Tenth Planet would market it's ready made trip
  • Detailed Edit Profile Page that allowed to capture details about user
  • Login/Sign up through LinkedIn / Facebook and Instagram
  • Plan next trip - a comprehensive inquiry form
  • Push notifications
  • Gallery of pictures taken during trip
  • Videos recorded during trip

Reliance General Insurance - Game of Gains Rewards Website

Scope of work - Responsive Website + Portal to manage rewards for users

Reliance General Insurance wanted a simple tool to reward it's 15000 + sales associates meeting their periodic targets. Procialize conceptualized and designed a 'Game of Gains' theme based on Game of Thrones, where a Wheel of Fortune module was developed to classify the user as 'Diamond, Gold or Silver' Category. Based on the category, pre-defined prizes were offered to user. Whatever user chose was then captured in database

Work involved was

  • Create a responsive website with login module as mobile number and OTP as password
  • Create a wheel of fortune animation that delighted users with suspense
  • Linking user to prize category
  • Creating list of prize categories
  • A News Feed for Perioidic announcements

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Blind Test Attribute App + Scoring app for competitive products

HUL wanted us to develop a tablet based solution for capturing user's feedback on Blind tests on 6-7 sets of competitive products based on various attributes. The scope of work included

  • Creating an Admin panel to allow products + images to be listed
  • Create a 'Word cloud' logic which allowed attributes related to products to be listed, and based on the number of times voted by people, grow in size in comparison to other words
  • UI Display for Projector
  • Detailed admin feedback on number of users, attribute selected etc.

Consumer scoring of 20 products

There were 6 sets of feedback parameters that HUL wanted users to fill on a tablet. The parameters were points based, and the points added up would be averaged out and summed up to the total tally of product score. This was a dynamic on the go result that had to be displayed on the large screen

Leading Air Compressor Distributor - Quotation Preparation Software

One of a Mumbai based distributor wanted us to build a Quotation Preparation Software. This software would allow users to

  • Add client details such as Name, Address, Contact persons etc.
  • Add product SKU's, quantity, price
  • Add prices for products
  • Prepare Quotation using Client details, product details
  • Automatic finding of products and price based on SKU entered.
  • Provision to add discount, payment details taxation, transportation details
  • PDF generation of quote for easy of email to clients
  • List of quotations sent and follow up reminders

Rewards Calculator - Birla Sun Life Insurance

Birla Sun Life wanted us to develop a Rewards Calculator for it's distributors based on the target achieved.

This required

  • Coding the rewards redemption logic using PHP
  • Designing a Responsive website for calculation
  • Creating a login module for distirbutors