The question of “Will people download and use the app?” is always there in the mind of an event organizer. Procialize developed one unique solution that rewarded users each time they used the app

The event was an internal employee event app for one of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies. For this event, Procialize decided to integrate it’s classic leaderboard feature that gave points to users, based on the kind of activity they did on the app.


Each activity on the app is assigned some points on the app. These points can be changed on what goals the event organizer is trying to achieve. For example, organisers may want users to participate more in polls. To do the same they might increase points on polls.

Next, we show the user how many points he/she has earned on using the app till date. This is done on the side menu in the leaderboard section


A separate rewards section is created where the organiser can upload multiple gifts/prizes that can be redeemed, with points assigned for redemption. Here, if the value of points available with the user is greater than or equal to the points required for redemption, a Redeem now button flashes next to the gift/prize in question.


‘Redeem now’ button is made available against those items whose value is less than or equal to the Redeemable points

In case points are not available, Redeem now button will not be visible


 The organiser has all the redemption information made available on the admin panel.’



Thus, we now recommend small rewards that can be redeemed against either cash prizes or actual gifts. 


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