Event App Engagement Ideas

Buying an event app is not enough. Event Apps require a good content and engagement strategy

Event apps are meant to improve communication among attendees, declutter an organiser’s desk and improve the feedback loop on factors that are interesting your audience. But all this depends on one hard fact – Attendees should be using your app in the first place.


What will incentivise my attendees to use the Event App?

There is one simple answer – Fresh and relevant content. 

Unless content is not constantly updated, attendees will find less incentive to keep accessing the app. Imagine a news website. How often do you refresh it in a day? You will only keep going back to it if there is some exciting ongoing incident.


Here are some ways by which Procialize manages to keep its’ clients’ attendees engaged

  1. Auto posts on Event Feed

An organiser finds it difficult to keep adding fresh content on the event app. A lot is going on but rarely does one find time to update the same religiously. For this purpose, Procialize has created a Smart Auto-Post feature (which can be turned on or off) that can be used to auto generate the posts.

Posts containing the following info gets automatically be pushed on the event feed.

a. Speaker Profile – A post containing the speaker image  with  pre-loaded text such as “John Doe, Founder and Chairman, ABC Incorporated shall be addressing <topic name>  live on<event date> at <event time> 

Example :- 


b. Agenda – A post containing Session name, description (if any), date, start and end time, and speakers if linked to the same, can automatically be posted on the app 

Example :-


c. ‘How to’ guide  – A tutorial on any feature of the app gets posted on the Event Feed. This helps educating the user about the app, as well as creates relevant engaging content

Example : –


2 Automatic triggering of Push Notifications 

Push notifications are extremely relevant to ensure the Event App gets well utilised during the event. Procialize Events App trigger push notifications to users based on the following scenarios

a. Likes and Comments – A user who has posted an update on the event feed shall receive push notifications, when any other user/s like or comment on the update. This helps the user to keep coming back to the app to check who has responded to the user’s activity

b. Pushing of a Live Poll or Quiz – Each time a poll or quiz is made live (either manually by organizer or as per schedule) users receive a push notification highlighting the same

Example : –


3. Tagging of users 

Just like Facebook, Procialize Apps allow admin as well as attendees to tag each other in posts, images or videos. This is popular specially in Employee Event apps, since lots of team building activities take place.



4. Scheduled notifications

Predictable events such as Wake up calls, Reminders, and assembly instructions can be preloaded on to the app (or use our standard library of events) in order to trigger notifications



5. A library of polls and quiz, and scheduling of the same

 Event Apps are often deployed last minute – and there is absolutely no time to think about “Engaging Quiz Ideas” or “Thought provoking polls” to engage the audience. 



For this, we at Procialize have pooled in thousands of quiz questions and neatly categorised them into relevant topics. Thus, when an organizer wants to add a quiz, she doesn’t need to collate questions, think of options, provide the right answer (and thus waste time). Of course, if the event demands a specific poll or quiz to be created, we have kept the option as well.

Regarding scheduling

Rather than waiting for the right moment to announce a quiz (or a poll), why not simply add all the data and schedule it for a time during the day, when the load is not a lot? Procialize’s smart scheduler enables organisers to plan ahead and schedule polls and quizzes to go live at a certain time

6. Gamify the event app with a leaderboard 

 Everyone loves being a winner! And an Event App is the best place to make them one. Our apps are designed with a scoring logic that provides points for every interaction (post, update of photo/video, like, comment, share, participate in polls and quiz etc) The leaderboard works real time and can be even customised into a team/group scoring logic.



7. Take it one step further – add games to the event! (And have a separate leaderboard)

Procialize was one of the first Event Apps to introduce games such as a Branded Jigsaw Puzzle that is matched to show the event or sponsor branding. We can add dozens of multiplayer games that delegates can use even in offline mode



8. Content Plan

Each of our apps comes with a ready to deploy content plan (offered with our client servicing package). Here we provide 4 media of communication through which engagements with the audience is decided (email and SMS for bringing users into the app, push notifications for continuous usage, and posts for information). Incidentally, our admin panels are equipped with bulk email support and SMS support. Hence, a sample content plan looks something like this.



To summarise, engagement on an event app can only occur when there is regular and interesting content that is constantly getting updated 


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